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WATCH: Wil Dasovich introduces rumored GF Carla Humphries to family

Wil’s sister Haley described Carla as “amazing” and her “new best friend”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

7/18/2022 in News
WATCH: Wil Dasovich introduces rumored GF Carla Humphries to family

Wil Dasovich marked a milestone in his relationship with rumored girlfriend Carla Humphries when he recently brought the actress to meet his family in the United States.

As seen on his YouTube vlogs posted respectively on July 10 and 16, Wil introduced Carla to his parents after first taking her to Los Angeles to meet his sister and fellow vlogger Haley.

“Introducing Carla Mads Humphries to the family! Meet the parents ang peg,” he wrote in the description of the first video.

Upon meeting Carla, Haley attested to the rarity of Wil bringing girls over to meet his family.

“I haven’t seen a friend that’s a girl of yours in like, I don’t even remember,” she said.

When Wil asked his sister in private what she thought of Carla, Haley unhesitatingly answered, “She’s amazing. She’s my new best friend, honestly.”

Carla expressed similar sentiments about meeting Haley as she described the content creator as “super cool” and “totally her vibe.”

“I love your sister. I love meeting extensions of you. It’s pretty cool,” Carla told Wil.

After the meet-up with Haley, Wil and Carla went on to make the trip to his parents’ house, and that’s when he revealed that his parents actually have no idea about their visit.

“Medyo weird ‘yung nanay ko when I bring girls to the house,” he explained to Carla.

"Just be yourself. Show up with a good attitude. ‘Wag ka maarte,” he added in between laughs.

When they arrived at Wil’s parents’ house, his mother Charry welcomed Carla with open arms and made her feel at home.

Wil’s father also gave Carla a big hug upon meeting her and told the actress that she’s “so welcome in their house.”

You can watch the full vlogs below:

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