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PHOTOS: Gutierrez family photos then and now!

That throwback pic of Janine with Eddie, Richard, and Raymond is beyond adorable!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier
- 7/15/2022 in Photos

We have every reason to believe that the “G” in Gutierrez stands for “gorgeous genes,” because well, just take a look at their family photos!

Whenever we see throwback photos or recent get-togethers of Eddie Gutierrez’s family, we get inspired from seeing how close-knit their clan of showbiz royalty is. From Lorin and Venice’s childhood photos with their grandparents Eddie and Annabelle to Sarah Lahbati’s bonding moments with Ruffa and Janine, we just can’t get enough of Gutierrez fam content! 

Here, we’ve compiled some family photos they have shared themselves on social media for all their fans to enjoy!

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