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PHOTOS: DJ Loonyo and Janine Berdin’s feud over airport meme

It all started when Janine shared a meme of a petition for the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to be renamed DJ Loonyo International Airport

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

7/15/2022 in News
PHOTOS: DJ Loonyo and Janine Berdin’s feud over airport meme

DJ Loonyo and Janine Berdin shook the internet when they recently got into a disagreement about a meme shared by the “Tawag ng Tanghalan” Grand Winner.

Their public feud began when, earlier this week, Janine made a cover photo out of a petition to change the name of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) to DJ Loonyo International Airport on her personal Facebook page.

The following day, DJ Loonyo uploaded a screenshot of his direct message to Janine where he aired his grievances towards the singer’s social media post, on Instagram.

“Ma’am sorry. May natitira pa po ba kayong respeto? May nagawa ba ako sa’yong mali?” he asked Janine in private.

“Hala Kuya, it’s just a meme that I found super funny. I found it online. I didn’t really mean any harm,” Janine responded, as seen in the screenshot.

She continued, “Ano po kaya context ng meme? I just thought it meant to change the name of the airport to you. Like poking fun. Super random hahaha.”

Ultimately, Janine told DJ Loonyo that “she did not mean any harm” by it and offered to delete the post.

“Really didn’t mean any harm. I don’t think people found it degrading to you as well po! But if you want I could always take it down, Kuya!” she said.

DJ Loonyo reposted Janine’s response with the following caption: “Nakakatakot ‘yung utak ng mga ganiong tao. ‘Pag kayo ginanyan ISSUE, HEADLINE, AND BASH AGAD. Katuwaan? Tapos bina-bash and pinagtitripan ‘yung taong involved?” 

Tagging Janine’s account, he told her, “Ur better than that for sure. God bless your soul. Weird sh*t,”

In the comments section of the Facebook post, DJ Loonyo stressed the importance of “sensitivity” and “respect” to others.

“Kung wala kayong magawa, pagtripan niyo sarili niyo ‘wag ibang tao. Maging sensitive tayo minsan, ‘di natin alam pinagdadaanan ng isa’t isa sa’tin. Ini-expect ko yung mga matagal na or kahit papano nauna sa industriya ay kahit papano alam ang ‘RESPETO NA LANG SANA’,” he wrote.

“Pero para katuwaan sigeeee, go lang, kahit iba na ‘yung napuntahan ng KATUWAAN. Weird sh*t!!! PANGALAN MO SA’YO ‘YUNG AIRPORT, baka ikaw yung may gusto hindi ako,” he added.

Apparently, The “Pagod Na Ako” singer did not take kindly to DJ Loonyo publishing their private conversation online and went on to address the choreographer on her Instagram Story.

“Oh kuya, if you really wanna talk about it publicly. I really wanna know how you understand the meme. I just thought it was a petition to just literally change the airport name to you,” she clarified.

“It’s satire. It’s poking fun. It’s random. No one would actually take it seriously,” she asserted. 

Reiterating that she meant no malice, Janine also brought up her own experiences with being a public figure and being on the receiving end of posts that “poke fun.”

“People use my name to poke fun all the time as well. Hell, people talk sh*t and laugh at me as well. I’m not saying that’s what the meme was doing kasi it wasn’t meant to be degrading at all. But yeah, it’s what comes along when you’re a public figure. No big. Smile po kayo!” she said.

DJ Loonyo reposted Janine’s Instagram Story on his own page and responded, “Sige po, ma’am, ikaw na tama, kahit pinagtatawanan, bina-bash, at nilalait na sa comment, KATUWAAN PARIN, grabe ‘yung mindset. Ingat tayo, ma’am, baka mag-boomerang ‘yan sa’yo, Pinagdaanan ko na ‘yan, nadapa, natuto at gino-goal mas maging better. Sana ganun din sa ‘yo, hindi ‘yung pag walang magawa, ay manttrip ng iba.”

In line with DJ Loonyo’s “dare” for her name to be used for the petition instead, Janine did create a NAIA meme for herself shortly thereafter.

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