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LOOK: Dimples Romana in Australia for daughter Callie's 'special milestone'

Dimples reunites with eldest daughter in Australia

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/15/2022 in News
LOOK: Dimples Romana in Australia for daughter Callie's 'special milestone'

Dimples Romana is now in Australia to witness her eldest daughter Callie Ahmee's "special milestone."

The "Block Z" actress shared the news in an Instagram post yesterday, July 14, along with a series of selfies with her panganay taken at the Australia Gold Coast.

"Unfiltered golden hour with the golden girl on the Gold Coast @callieahmee," she captioned the post.



Dimples then went on to share how happy she is to reunite with her daughter.

"Proof that the Lord hears even the most silent prayers of mothers. Happy to be here for this special milestone for you Ate @callieahmee. As you know, even when it may, at times, seem as if Dad @papaboyetonline and I need to attend to more pressing matters, YOU and your brothers will always be the TOP PRIORITY. We will run, fly, crawl if we have to, to get to you," she wrote.

While the actress did not disclose what "special milestone" she's pertaining to, Dimples mentioned in an Instagram post last July 12 that her daughter, an aviation student, is set to "ride" and "go on flying training this week."

Posting their family photo of four, the actress shared how she's proud of her eldest finally realizing her aviation dreams.

"Sobra ko nami-miss makita si Ate sa bahay. Our conversations about everything and how we would randomly plan dates and stuff. But I also can’t help but be super proud that she’s finally realizing her dreams of becoming a pilot. She rides and goes on flying training this week," she revealed.



"I still remember nine-year-old Cal telling us she wanted to become a pilot like her Lolo Boy and never did @papaboyetonline and I question or underestimate what our kids want to become and do no matter how tiny they still are when they create those dreams in their hearts."

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"Just so grateful that the Lord has given us continuous means and provision to allow our kids to be free to choose their paths and own their destiny. After all, it is their life, their happiness - their accountability," she added.

Callie left for Australia last March to pursue her studies. She is currently taking Bachelor of Business Major in Aviation Management at Southern Cross University.

Apart from her, Dimples and husband Boyet Ahmee have two sons: Alonzo and their newborn Elio.

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