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WATCH: Alexa Ilacad reveals KD Estrada’s ‘tampo’ moments

Alexa said that KD is a “golden retriever” type while she’s more of a “cat” when it comes to being clingy

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

7/15/2022 in News
WATCH: Alexa Ilacad reveals KD Estrada’s ‘tampo’ moments

According to his onscreen partner Alexa Ilacad, KD Estrada is more “matampuhin” and the actress revealed the exact instances when he wants to be a little wooed.

In an interview with Luis Manzano for his YouTube channel on July 12, the “Run To Me” co-stars shared fun trivia about their partnership off-screen, including KD’s “tampo” moments and the “best lesson” they have learned from each other.

“It’s the smallest things. ‘Yung tampo niya hindi ‘yung big deal. Tapos ‘yung pa-cute lang. Gusto ng lambing. Kunwari mauuna ako maglakad tapos hindi ko siya hihintayin,” Alexa said.

Alexa also told Luis that KD has also brought out a more expressive version of her which she described as turning “from a cat into a dog” in terms of personality or attachment style.

“Actually, slowly, I think he’s turning me into a dog from being a cat. Parang hindi ko napapansin, minsan lagi ko na siyang hinahanap. Ayoko ‘yung nag-a-’I miss you.’ Ayoko ng ganun. Tapos minsan magte-text na lang ako ng miss you,” she explained shortly after saying that KD is a “golden retriever” type.

When asked about the best thing they have learned throughout their relationship, the “Pinoy Big Brother” alumni talked about understanding and communication.

“Understanding your significant other. Kasi me and Alexa, we are both busy people, and may mga solo ganaps kami. And minsan we’re not able to give each other time masyado and I think that’s okay kasi alam ko naman na there will be a time that we’ll be having fun together and there are times na we’re both gonna be busy, and it doesn’t take anything away from both of us,” KD answered.

Meanwhile, Alexa said, “It would be how important it is to really talk about everything, about how you feel. Hindi ka dapat nagtatago o ‘yung nagkikimkim kasi baka magalit siya or baka hindi niya maintindihan. Kasi when I feel something immediately I tell him, ‘This is how I feel right now.’”

You can watch the full interview below:

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