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Dimples Romana on being a hands-on mom of three: 'The struggle is real'

Dimples details how she tends to her three kids in different ways

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/11/2022 in News
Dimples Romana on being a hands-on mom of three: 'The struggle is real'

Dimples Romana got real about her struggles as a mother of three since welcoming her son Elio last June 24.

In an Instagram post yesterday, July 10, the "Block Z" actress shared what she goes through every day with her three children, along with some "proof of life" from her recent shoot of her newborn son.

"Mom of 3, all via CSection. Proof of life 2 weeks after giving birth to E," she wrote. "Two weeks after giving birth and everything still feels so surreal to me. Oh, the rush of having to wear three different mommy hats in a day."

Dimples then went on to narrate her daily schedule with her kids. "My day ends and begins with Elio as he’s still a newborn. Feeding, humming, dancing, cooing with him. I find that with E, I have become a quieter version of myself," she stated.

"Then I wake up (I mean really wake up) and call ate @callieahmee who is about two hours advanced in time zones," she continued, referring to her eldest child who is now in Australia. "She leaves for school early and we would have the funniest yet most rewarding of conversations about what she wants to cook for the week, how soon she’s about to fly a plane, K-Pop, and Korean dramas, and how her ups and downs living abroad and being alone there affect the way she perceives of life now."

While she has a more grown-up approach to her two children, Dimples said spending time with her son Alonzo "is a completely opposite tone from the other two" since she had to "study TikToks with him," listen to his stories about "multiverses, pokemon, and dinosaurs," and even try dancing with him. The actress also described her conversations with her 7-year-old son as more "animated and engaging."

"Bessssh, muntik maubos ang energy ko. The struggle is REAL to find time to do stuff for myself. I’ll get the hang of it in time I suppose," she admitted, before teasing that she'll share more tips about postpartum self-care in her future posts. 

Nonetheless, Dimples is grateful to have filled in this role as a mother to her three children.

"BUT I LOVE IT, I love being a mom and experiencing life through the eyes of three of my individually unique children. I feel it’s the best role I have ever done in my life," she added.

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