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Andrea Brillantes opens up about dealing with 'biggest heartbreak'

Andrea also talked about the moment boyfriend Ricci Rivero came into her life

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/11/2022 in News
Andrea Brillantes opens up about dealing with 'biggest heartbreak'

Falling in love and being in a relationship with basketball player Ricci Rivero wasn't really part of Andrea Brillantes plans, she confessed in Karen Davila's vlog uploaded July 9.

In the video, the "Lyric and Beat" actress opened up about dealing with what she called her "biggest heartbreak" before she met the basketball star.

“Wala po talaga akong plano mag-boyfriend ulit kasi galing po ako sa biggest heartbreak ko. Lost na ako, tapos habang nagkaroon ng issue sa biggest heartbreak ko na 'yun, namatay din 'yung tita ko. Lahat ng hurt ko noon, pinagtawanan lang ng mga tao,” she told the broadcast journalist.

“Sinasabi nila wala akong karapatan masaktan. Hindi nila alam na hurt and confused lang ako sa mga nangyayari," she continued. "Ako sobrang lost ko noon. Hindi ko nga alam kung paano mag-move on. Paano ba mag-move on sa tita ko tapos 'yung sa issues na sinasabi ng lahat ng tao?” she shared.

For context: Andrea was referring to her split with former on-screen partner Seth Fedelin, whom she dated for 2 years and 3 months until October last year.

However, it was only in April this year that she confirmed their split, just days after she and Ricci became an official couple. 

This then prompted overlapping accusations, saying that Ricci was a third party to Andrea’s relationship with Seth. 

Andrea then went on to explain her side: “Noong nakita ko siya (Ricci), wala na din naman kami nung ex ko noon. Wala pong third party or anything," she clarified.

"Noong nakita ko siya, sawi pa din ako dun sa isa. Alam din naman 'yun ni Ricci," she added.



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The actress also believes what she and Ricci have is something "serious" despite the misconceptions of people about dating basketball players.

Since making their relationship official, the two have been happily posting about each other on social media. They most recently went on a “Stranger Things” date together when they visited the special light mapping show and installation set of the Netflix series in Makati.

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