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Hello, Alex Diaz: Inside the BL star's colorful life

Alex, a self-confessed risk-taker, opens up the “biggest risk” he’s getting himself into

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

7/1/2022 in Videos

For some, it would take lots of courage and effort to break the ice with someone they just met. 

Luckily for us, it wasn't the case when we first encountered Alex Diaz for an exclusive interview. This is where we had the chance to get to know him more beyond his labels as an actor, a performer, and a host.

According to him, he'd best describe himself as someone who has an immense love for food, travel, and good conversation.

"I love to laugh, I love going on adventures, I love to eat, I love good conversation, and if that's you, we should go out sometime!" he said, while looking straight into the camera, with a big smile on his face. 

Much like his light and positive aura, we found out that Alex's life is also packed with great and exciting things. He recently got back from a trip to Mexico, he has just finished filming his first international movie "Glitter & Doom," and now, he's also getting his hands on their family business.

"That's really exciting, that's been taking a lot of my time because I had to learn the ins and outs of numbers,” said Alex. 

On top of that, Alex revealed that he's also been learning to write his own songs in his free time, when he's not busy indulging food and going on adventures.

"I've also been learning to write songs, which has been very difficult," said Alex. "I love to eat. I love to travel, I feel like every single time I just got back from a vacation, I feel like I need another one," he added.

Indeed, Alex's life is nothing but one great adventure — literally and figuratively. From travels to projects, he’s one to dive in head first. So it's no surprise when we learned that he's also quite the risk-taker, although a calculated one at that.

"I think [I'm a risk-taker] to an extent," said Alex. "I'm a calculated risk-taker. I always think, 'Kaya ko ba 'to?' Within my mental and physical strength, kaya ko ba 'to? I think I never go too blindly, though," he explained.

When asked about the biggest risk he's taken in his life, Alex did not think twice about his answer. "Definitely the show we're about to talk about is probably the biggest risk I've ever taken," he said, referring to the upcoming Boys’ Love (BL) dating show “Hello Searcher”. 

The upcoming show produced by Black Sheep is the first-ever BL dating show in the country, where Alex fills the role as the searcher, who will look for his "spark" among searchees until he finds his ultimate match.

On why he considers it as his biggest risk: "Because it's calling for me to be vulnerable for viewers in a way I had never been vulnerable before and that honestly terrifies me,” he admitted. “But I'm going with an open heart, an open mind, and hopefully, people learn something and hopefully, I learn something from this experience," he affirmed.

Headlining a show is just one of the many things Alex can consider a milestone. But above all this, everything wouldn’t be possible if not for him trusting not just the process, but also himself — something he’ll always be proud of.

"I am most proud of myself,” he declared. “I think it hasn't been an easy journey for me, especially growing up. And just getting to this point, and just going through the struggles I went through in the industry...  sometimes, all you have is yourself."

"But thinking about the times I had nobody, I think in those times, I was very kind to myself. And I think that's something to be proud of,” he beamed.

Think you got the "spark" with Alex? Shoot your shot by sending your entries to bit.ly/HelloSearcherSC and you might just be who he's looking for!

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