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What Liza Soberano has to say about breakup rumors with Enrique Gil

Ogie Diaz also shares what Enrique Gil thinks of Liza Soberano joining James Reid’s management

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/9/2022 in News
What Liza Soberano has to say about breakup rumors with Enrique Gil

Liza Soberano only laughed off the rumors saying that she and her boyfriend Enrique Gil have called it quits.

This is what her former manager Ogie Diaz revealed in his latest vlog uploaded on June 8, where he addressed the Fashion Pulis blind item about a prominent showbiz couple that broke up. 

Several netizens immediately associated Liza and Enrique to it, which Ogie vehemently denied. “Hindi po hiwalay ang LizQuen. Hiwalay lamang po sila ng bansa na pinuntahan,” Ogie said in the video.

“Si Enrique sa Spain, sa kanyang mga kaanak kasama ang kanyang mommy at kapatid. Si Liza naman kasama ang kanyang bagong management group sa Hollywood sa pangunguna ni James Reid," he explained.

Ogie then shared that Liza already heard about the rumors and only found it hilarious. 

“Hindi po sila hiwalay dahil kahit si Liza, noong nakarating sa kanya ‘to, tawa siya nang tawa," Ogie said. "Kasi tinanong siya ni Tita Joni, ang kanyang tita, kung sila pa rin ba ni Quen. 'Oo naman, jusko.' Sabi nga ni Liza, ‘Ano ba 'yan, si Quen pa nga ang susundo sakin sa airport,’ sa kanyang pagbabalik dito from Hollywood," he added.

The showbiz columnist also revealed how much Enrique trusts his girlfriend, as well as her new manager, James.

"Si Enrique ay nagtiwala kay Liza noong siya ay tumungo sa Hollywood. Ganun din ang tiwala ni Enrique kay James Reid at sa management din nito na aalagaan nila si Liza pagdating sa LA... na nangyari naman. Inalagaan naman. Kaya kumpyansa si Quen na walang ahasan na nangyari," he stated.

Liza's local and Hollywood career is now being managed by James and his team. 

She has graced big events in Los Angeles, including the Gold House Gala, the Asia Society Southern California 2022 Annual Gala, and the Identity 2022 Festival, which marked her first US speaking engagement. 

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