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COMPILED: Erich Gonzales' 'wifey' moments as seen on her vlogs

Erich’s gardening and cooking abilities are just two of the things we love about her!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/8/2022 in News
COMPILED: Erich Gonzales' 'wifey' moments as seen on her vlogs

Ever since Erich Gonzales tied the knot with her non-showbiz partner Mateo Lorenzo last March, she has mostly kept her married life away from the public eye. This doesn’t stop her fans from wondering how the actress is doing as Mrs. Lorenzo though!

So if you’re curious about what makes Erich true “wifey” material in our eyes, look no further than her YouTube vlogs! Candid and fun as ever, Erich isn’t afraid to share her interests and show her relationships for the world to see. Scroll through the list below to watch her best “wifey” moments!

1. Erich is great with kids! 

Just look at how she interacts with her goddaughter Penny, Nathalie Hart’s daughter. Erich displays such a natural caretaking ability even with the most energetic little sunshine like Penny.

2. Erich has a green thumb!

Fans of Erich will know that she is the epitome of a plantita. And we’re not talking about only lush and aesthetically pleasing plants, but also harvested crops! It’s easy to adore seeing Erich enjoy her regular harvest.

3. Erich is a fun out-of-town companion!

As seen in her out-of-town trip with celebrity couple Loisa Andalio and Ronnie Alonte, Erich makes a great companion for trips and relaxing ganaps out of the city!

4. Erich is a master in the kitchen!

While it’s not at all a requirement for wives to be five-star chefs, we admit it’s a big bonus that Erich can whip up some of the most tasty-looking dishes we’ve seen on celebrities’ vlogs!

5. Erich puts her faith first above everything!

Homemaking abilities are just half of the equation when it comes to being “wife” material. The thing that’s most important is the thing that's largely unseen, such as Erich’s Christian faith and moral compass. As seen in one of her vlogs, even something as simple as a phone wallpaper reminding Erich of God’s love for her is really telling!

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