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Diego Loyzaga admits dating Franki Russell: ‘We really did click’

Diego explains why he initially said he and Franki “are not a thing”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/7/2022 in News
Diego Loyzaga admits dating Franki Russell: ‘We really did click’

Diego Loyzaga is dating former “Pinoy Big Brother” housemate Franki Russell!

The “The Bloody Crayons" actor confirmed their status over a week after saying that he and Franki “are not a thing” and that he would rather be single at present.

In an interview on Monster RX93.1 yesterday, June 6, Diego said that he “really did click” with Franki and their chemistry was something that came at a rather unexpected time.

“You know what, I’m a hypocrite, I said I wanted to focus on myself, but I guess these things you don’t expect it, it really just comes along. And ever since meeting up with her and hanging out with her, it hasn’t stopped, we really did click. So I would definitely say that right now, we’re dating,” he told radio host Rico Robles.

Diego also explained why he now made the admission following his earlier statement denying their romantic status.

“We have known each other (at the time) for ten days, we are not a thing. Who am I to say that? I can’t give a label that we are something. Ang kapal naman ng mukha ko na sabihin na kami na. I mean, I haven’t asked her. But noon ‘yon, iba ngayon.” he said.

Even though they are not an official couple yet, Diego admits that he’s one to exclusively date a girl he’s interested in.

“I guess I’m the type of guy that if I’m dating one girl, the rest, I’m not gonna talk to. Like if there are other girls that I was talking to, I would stop talking to them. I’m talking for myself. I have to go talk to her and be like, ‘Are we on the same page?’” he added.

In that vein, Diego promises to stay “true” to the “PBB” alum no matter their relationship: “She has been true to me since day one and I’m going to continue to be true to her whether as a friend, as a boyfriend or as whatever.” 

Dating rumors involving the two began when Franki posted now-deleted photos of them on her Instagram account, including a birthday greeting for Diego last May 20.

Diego’s last known girlfriend was actress Barbie Imperial, whom he dated for more than a year and has stayed friends with since.

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