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WATCH: Ivana Alawi shows her ‘pa-fall’ side on camera!

Ivana also spilled some new personal trivia, like her celeb crush and dream leading man!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/24/2022 in Videos

The Internet knows Ivana Alawi as a prank queen, a crushable influencer, and now, the lead star of upcoming series “A Family Affair.” But believe it or not, the actress-vlogger has more to reveal about herself when she played the “Wrecking Bowl” challenge!

From naming her celebrity crush to gushing over her dream leading man, Ivana did not hold back and surprised viewers with her answers. For a few seconds, she also bared her “pa-fall” tactics straight to the camera, and we bet you’d find it as charming as we did! Learn more about Ivana’s quirky side by watching the video above!

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