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Jake Ejercito on having his own ‘family affair’: ‘I’m content with Ellie’

Jake also shared how his mother reacted to his daring role as Seb Estralla in "A Family Affair"

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/22/2022 in News
Jake Ejercito on having his own ‘family affair’: ‘I’m content with Ellie’

Jake Ejercito admitted that he’s currently not considering having his own family apart from co-parenting his ten-year-old daughter Ellie with ex-girlfriend Andi Eigenmann.

In the bloggers conference for the upcoming primetime series “A Family Affair,” Jake revealed that he’s not in the headspace to form his own “family affair” at this point of his life.

“I don’t think about it. I’m okay with where I am now. I’m content with Ellie, so not in the near future,” he asserted.

It’s no secret that Jake has been busy with acting projects left and right, from previously starring in drama series “Marry Me, Marry You” and “The Broken Marriage Vow” to now being one of Ivana Alawi’s leading men in  “A Family Affair.”

Jake spoke of his career, “I feel very fortunate. Kapag naman may mga dumadating na offer or project, I always take it as a challenge. I take it as an opportunity to better my craft and to learn from my co-actors, lalo na ngayon, kasama ko sina Sam (Milby), Gerald (Anderson), Jameson (Blake), and Ivana.”

When asked about what his family, including Ellie, thought about his daring role as Seb Estrella in the series, Jake said that his mother was particularly surprised to see his steamy scene in the trailer.

“‘Yung reaction ng mom ko lalo na sa trailer, nagulat siya,” he shared. “Kasi I didn’t tell her about it eh, kung paano ‘yung character ko. Sabi ko lang playboy, so noong nakita niya that specific scene na nasama sa trailer, nagulat din siya. But she’s excited kasi talagang kakaiba itong si Seb Estrella.”

Jake’s character is one of the four Estrella brothers, played by himself, Sam, Gerald, and Jameson, who get caught in a web of mystery and drama with their adopted sister Cherry Red (Ivana).

Directed by Jerome Pobocan and Raymund Ocampo, “A Family Affair” is set to premiere on the iWantTFC app 48 hours before its TV broadcast on Saturday, June 25. 

The show will officially premiere on Monday, June 27, on Kapamilya Channel, Kapamilya Online Live, A2Z Channel 11, iWantTFC, and TV5.

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