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PHOTOS: Karen Davila and Bernadette Sembrano's twinning moments!

Name a more iconic matching duo, we’ll wait!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier
- 6/20/2022 in Photos

With the abundance of chic and stylish outfits we see on our screens day in day out, a fun celebrity twinning moment deserves to be given a second look!

And if there’s a duo who’s mastered the art of matching outfits, it’s the tandem of ABS-CBN newscasters Karen Davila and Bernadette Sembrano. Take a closer look at their ensembles and you’ll see that Karen’s tasteful eye for color complements Bernadette’s simple yet elegant style. Who knew watching the news could be this aesthetically pleasing? Well, swipe through the gallery above to see more of Karen and Bernadette’s twinning moments that are just so on point!

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