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Tom Rodriguez on divorce with Carla Abellana: 'It is time to move forward'

Tom sets the record straight: “At no time did I ever lay a hand on Carla”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/20/2022 in News
Tom Rodriguez on divorce with Carla Abellana: 'It is time to move forward'

It's official: Tom Rodriguez and Carla Abellana's divorce has been finalized.

This is what the actor confirmed in a statement he released through the Instagram page of his talent manager Popoy Caritativo last June 17.

In the post, Tom revealed he flew to the United States last March and be with his family after his separation from Carla. 

“I left the Philippines for the U.S. last March 13, with the realization that despite all my efforts, Carla had already given up on our marriage,” he began the statement. “A lot has been said against me but, in the end, Carla and I are the only two people who know the truth. I refuse to allow anyone, who only wants to use us and our brokenness, for news.”

"It was not a perfect relationship, but we both know how much we loved each other," he stressed.

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While he did not specify the exact reason why they separated, the "The Love Affair" actor clarified that what was spoken about him are "lies" and "utterly unfair" on his part.

"I will no longer dwell on the reasons why our marriage fell apart. So many lies have been said of me which are completely untrue and utterly unfair. I may have fallen short as a partner, especially when I lost all my money to someone who preyed on my gullibility, but it must be stressed that at no time did I ever lay a hand on Carla," he said.

"I have accepted her decision that it is time to move forward, independent from each other. I have to teach myself how to fall out of love from her," he added.

And while it will be a "lonely, painful path" for him, Tom believes he'll get through it together with his "strongest support system," his family.

Tom then ended his post by wishing his ex-wife happiness, which was her sole birthday wish when she turned 36 last June 12.

"Now that the divorce decree is final, I truly wish Carla’s birthday wish be granted and that she finds the happiness she is searching for," he wrote.

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Tom's statement came just days after Carla posted a lengthy revelation in the comments section in one of her YouTube vlogs.

According to the actress, she was "disrespected," "betrayed," "lied to," "used," "shamed," and "made to look so stupid," among the other things she went through with Tom when they were still together.

The two dated for 7 years before they tied the knot in October last year.

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