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WATCH: Iya Villania starts working out again 2 weeks after giving birth

“A healthy and strong mama makes a happy home.”

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/20/2022 in News
WATCH: Iya Villania starts working out again 2 weeks after giving birth

Iya Villania is back to working out exactly two weeks after she gave birth to baby Astro.

On Saturday, June 18, the TV host uploaded a short clip of her doing pull-ups "to see" if she can already do light exercises with her doctor’s "go signal."

Iya also opened up in the caption about her previous experience of already working out just two days after she gave birth to second son Leon.

"I tried this before, 2 days after delivering Leon, and boy was that a mistake. I ended up bleeding more," she revealed. "So please wait until bleeding subsides before you guys start working out again. Those who had a CS (C-Section) may need to wait it out a little longer before working out again," she advised her fellow moms.



The TV host also gave a disclaimer that her current postpartum workout didn't include pull-ups as seen in the video, but rather just to test if she still has her "pulling strength."

For now, Iya does a 15-minute bike, a 15-minute dynamic stretching with light weights, and some breathing exercises to "refamiliarize" her core with proper engagement and use.

The mom of four also made clear that she is in no rush to get "sexy" but is after the benefits of maintaining a healthy and fit body.

"I’m in no rush to get 'sexy', but having prepared my body for pregnancy and having the healthiest one so far (out of the 4), it’s allowed me to enjoy a faster recovery. And if it's something I can do, I know it’s something many other mamas can enjoy too," she said.

Iya also stressed the importance of "conditioning" your body as a mom to become healthy and strong when it comes to your family.

"A healthy and strong mama makes a happy home. There’s nothing like being able for your family, not because you’re forcing it, but because you’ve conditioned your body and are simply able to," she continued. "The 4th trimester is crucial for recovering mamas and getting a night nurse and working out soon after delivery has been my winning combination postpartum and has spared me from PPD."

While she does acknowledge that every journey is different, Iya has one wish for all her fellow mothers: "There’s nothing I could want more for other mamas than to have a healthy and safe pregnancy," she wrote.

In the comments, Iya's celebrity friends, including Bea Alonzo, Judy Ann Santos, Camille Prats, Roxanne Barcelo, Isabel Oli, and Sarah Lahbati showed their admiration for her body and strength, as well as her dedication to fitness.

Iya and her husband Drew Arellano welcomed their fourth child Astro last June 4.

They have three other kids: Primo, Leon, and Alana.

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