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WATCH: Angelica, Kean, and Alex offer advice for those pressured to find a jowa ASAP!

Angelica: “Sabihin niyo, ‘Kayo? Kailan kayo gaganda?’”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/17/2022 in Videos

Calling all single people! Have you ever felt pressured by your family, friends, or even random strangers to search for your one great love as if you've got a deadline? Well, Angelica Panganiban, Alex Gonzaga, and Kean Cipriano have the best advice for you!

While Angelica would rather make a witty comeback (“Sabihin niyo, ‘Kayo? Kailan kayo gaganda?’”) Alex believes that it’s better for people putting pressure to stop with their unsolicited comments.

“Minsan ‘pag na-pressure ka, mas lalo kang mapupunta sa mga kung sinu-sino na lang eh kasi you are dating or entertaining for the wrong reasons,” she said. “Sa mga nagtatanong, ‘wag na kayo magtanong.”

On a more serious note, Angelica shared her personal experience: “Umabot sa point na nainis ako kasi parang, ‘Bakit niyo gusto ‘yung tao na magka-partner eh nakikita niyo naman na buong buo siya by herself?’”

Meanwhile, Kean offered insight on the concept of “settling down” which others may typically think of as having a family but according to him it’s a more “personal thing” which could mean choosing a solo path.

Get to learn more of their hot takes and straightforward answers in the video above!

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