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WATCH: Gerald Anderson’s most tear-jerking movie moments!

The hurt and pain in Gerald's eyes though! 😭

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/16/2022 in Videos

Through the various characters he’s portrayed in film, veteran actor Gerald Anderson has shown time and time again that conveying rich emotion is key to being versatile.

As a leading man in romance movies, Gerald often carries scenes with his partner with such depth and warmth that it’s just impossible to look away as soon as he breaks down in tears. Fans of Gerald’s work would know that it’s easy to get lost in his expressive eyes and be swept away by his impassioned delivery. And we bet even those who had just started getting to know him as an actor would agree that he’s so good at channeling hugot and wasak vibes!

So if you’re up to see some of Gerald’s iconic tear-jerking moments (why wouldn’t you, right?), we've compiled them in the video above! Enjoy!

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