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PHOTOS: Jodi Sta. Maria's hottest bikini moments

Jodi's au naturel beauty + toned physique? Absolute perfection!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/16/2022 in Photos

40s never looked so good and Jodi Sta. Maria is proof of it!

The "The Broken Marriage Vow" officially turns 40 today, June 16, and in celebration of the seasoned actress' birthday, we're putting the spotlight on all the times she made us wow with her well-toned physique in the most gorgeous bikinis. In case you didn't know: Jodi is a huge fitness junkie who combines her workouts with a healthy and balanced diet, hence, keeping herself in tiptop shape through the years.

Marvel at the bikini babe Jodi is by swiping through the gallery above to see more of her hottest bikini moments! 

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