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WATCH: Juan Karlos performs tweaked version of 'Buwan' post-breakup

"Ako’y sa ‘yo, ika’y ‘di akin..." 😢💔

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

6/16/2022 in News
WATCH: Juan Karlos performs tweaked version of 'Buwan' post-breakup

Two days after announcing their split, Juan Karlos Labajo performed a new version of "Buwan," a song that he originally dedicated to his ex-girlfriend Maureen Wroblewitz.

As seen in a video uploaded by a fan account on YouTube, the "The Voice Kids" alum capped off their set with his hit single, which he noticeably tweaked to reflect his feelings for the beauty queen-actress post-breakup.

In case you're not familiar with the song, the original first verse is as follows:

"Ako’y sa ‘yo, ikaw ay akin
Ganda mo sa paningin
Ako ngayo’y nag-iisa
Sana ay tabihan na"

To which Juan Karlos changed into:

"Ako’y sa ‘yo, ika’y ‘di akin
Ganda mo pa rin sa paningin
Ako ngayo’y nag-iisa
Umaasang ako’y tabihan na"

Released in 2018, "Buwan" is Juan Karlos' breakout hit, which featured Maureen as his love interest in its music video. He also called her his "Buwan" from time to time in his posts.

Juan Karlos also affirmed this in a statement he released confirming their breakup, where he said that Maureen will always be his "Buwan" no matter what.

"Lagi mong tandaan na kahit pagbaliktarin mo man ang mundo, kahit saang lupalop man ng kalawakan, ikaw parin ang nagiisa kong buwan," he wrote in a Facebook post.

Watch his full performance here:

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