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6 'Can We Still Be Friends?’ quotes to remember if you’re single

"Ang totoong tanong ay kaninong pagkukulang at kakulangan ang handa kang paulit-ulit na tanggapin?"

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 6/14/2022 in Photos

2017 romance "Can We Still Be Friends?" may be centered on the lovers-turned-exes story of Sam (Arci Muñoz) and Digs (Gerald Anderson), but it also put the spotlight on another important thing: on how it takes courage to leave a toxic relationship and acknowledge your mistakes, even if it means dealing it all by yourself.

So in celebration of the film's 5th anniversary, we've compiled some of the most relatable hugot lines from the movie that will surely resonate to all the single people out there, whether it's about becoming a better person or greatest lessons in love. Swipe away in the gallery above to see more!

You can also watch a bite-sized version of the movie here:

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