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LOOK: Iya Villania, Drew Arellano share first snaps of baby Astro

“Say hello to Astro Phoenix V. Arellano 💙”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/14/2022 in News
LOOK: Iya Villania, Drew Arellano share first snaps of baby Astro

Celebrity couple Iya Villania and Drew Arellano had just welcomed their fourth child, Astro Phoenix, into the world and have since been sharing adorable updates of their newborn on social media.

Last June 4, the TV host-actress took to Instagram to announce the wonderful news that she has given birth to their “last” baby as she shared close-up photos of baby Astro tucked cozily in a blanket.

Revealing that she had no epidural or pain reliever during the birth process, Iya said that she considers this her “most special” delivery.

“My longest and most painful delivery but also the most special because I was praying for strength and courage EVERY SINGLE DAY hoping to get through an unmedicated* birth to wrap up this journey (yes guys, I believe this is the last!)” she wrote in the caption.

She continued, “I was at 6 cm and giving up when I asked for the drugs when all of a sudden God flipped a switch and I delivered 30-40 mins after!!! He knew the desires of my heart and He opened my cervix up before the drugs came. What an experience. Thank you Lord.”

Iya later revealed the name of their fourth child: Astro Phoenix V. Arellano.



A week later, Iya got sentimental in another Instagram post as she recalled her birth story.

“Hard to believe this is where I was last week. The challenges of the 4th trimester are tough but the contentment of my heart is more than enough to get me through and I couldn’t be happier to be where I am now. Home with a healthy baby boy and his silly siblings who love him so much already,” she told her followers candidly.

“God has been so faithful! Astro’s birthday is special because it will always remind me of the time my willpower only got me so far and then God took me all the way!” she beamed.

“Will post a proper video of my birth story soon but for now, here’s a summary,” she captioned the short clip before greeting their “Astro boy” a “happy one week!”



Just yesterday, June 13, Drew also posted a clip of capturing baby Astro’s cute smile on camera while Iya gently caresses him.

“Wait for it... ❤️” he captioned the video.



And if that isn’t enough Astro Boy cuteness, Iya then posted a series of Instagram Stories today, June 14, showing their eldest child Primo tenderly rubbing the head of their bunso and later bonding on the couch with their mom.

“Kuya and bunso,” Iya commented in the background.

“He’s just a cute baby so he’s a newborn,” Primo said in another clip.

Iya and Drew’s celebrity friends, including Jessy Mendiola, Dimples Romana, Isabelle Daza, Isabel Oli, Nikki Valdez, Denise Laurel, and Jericho Rosales, stormed the comment section with congratulatory messages and more delightful reactions.

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