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Denise Laurel undergoes surgery for cyst removal

Denise is looking forward to "get better sleep" after getting the cyst in the back of her head removed

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/13/2022 in News
Denise Laurel undergoes surgery for cyst removal

Denise Laurel is relieved and grateful that the cyst in the back of her head is finally removed!

The “Flower of Evil” actress recently took to Instagram to share the news that she underwent cyst removal surgery last June 9 together with a photo of the actual cyst removed from her head.

Thanking her doctors for the successful operation, Denise wrote in the caption, “06.09.22 I gave birth! lol jk Meet Harry the cyst haha. Thank you to @draivee @drzteo and Doc Angeles for helping me get this little guy out who was resting in the back of my head!!!”

She went on to reveal the discomfort she had been “dealing with” pre-surgery and the relief she feels now.

“Sooooooo much relief from the pressure in my head that I’ve been just sucking up and dealing with! I am sooooooo grateful for them looking it out for me even if they are in the midst of a beautiful vaca in Europe!” she shared with her followers.

“Surgery was fast and easy! The team totally took care of me! I even went to all my meetings and worked after!!! Thank you thank youuuu it’s been bugging me for quite sometime I’m excited to finally get better sleep! Yayyyyy!!! Xoxo,” she added.



Denise’s celebrity friends, including Iya Villania, Chynna Ortaleza, and Joross Gamboa commented their thoughts on the actress’ operation.

Joross used an onion emoji to represent the size and overall appearance of the cyst.

This isn’t the first time Denise underwent a cyst removal operation. Back in 2017, several benign cysts were found in Denise’s body. She then had a cyst removed from her breast.

Denise is part of the cast of the upcoming drama series "The Flower of Evil" starring Piolo Pascual and Lovi Poe.

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