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Mo Twister, Angelicopter’s pet dog stolen and killed in Las Vegas

Mo: “I feel like I failed him and I’m in terrible pain thinking I did.”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

6/10/2022 in News
Mo Twister, Angelicopter’s pet dog stolen and killed in Las Vegas

Former radio DJs Mo Twister and Angelicopter are in mourning after their pet dog of 10 years, Bamboo, was stolen and murdered in Las Vegas.

On Thursday, June 9, the “Good Times with Mo” host took to Instagram to share the heartbreaking events of how their pet English bulldog was taken away and found dead in just a span of two days.

Mo began his post by paying tribute to his dog’s “incredible” protectiveness over him and his family.

“Many of you knew Bamboo from Day 1,” he wrote. “If you’d like, scroll thru my feed and the 10yrs of watching him grow and help raise our kids. I always wanted an English Bulldog and when we brought Bamboo into our lives in New York he was an instant hit! Everyone in the neighborhood stopped to pet him, even the Hollywood celebs! We moved to Las Vegas and Bamboo saw us raise the kids and he became their protector - an incredible guard dog. As he aged and started to show diminished eyesight/hearing, he still had the alertness and desire to keep us safe.”

He then continued to narrate how Bamboo had been stolen from “the home he protected so well” as seen in a CCTV footage. Even though Mo tried to get Bamboo back by confronting the men who stole him, the evidence wasn’t enough to warrant an arrest.

“Two days ago, he was taken from the home he protected so well for so many years. Three men who worked on construction next door from a company called Gonzalez Flooring here in Vegas tied a rope around his neck and led them into their truck in this summer heat. I have the cam footage driving away from our home with Bamboo. I saw these men yesterday and confronted them with the evidence and asked for my dog back. It got tense and the police responded and because the law has to have certain elements to warrant a felony, we just didn’t have enough — even though they admitted to stealing Bamboo. They said they stole him but let him go down the street from our home because they panicked,” he detailed.

The following day, Mo learned about the devastating news that Bamboo’s body had been found dead.

“This morning his dead body was found in the area of the person who stole him. Nowhere near my home, an impossible distance for an old and nearly blind Bulldog to reach,” he shared.

As Mo grieved the loss of their long-time guard dog, he thought about what Bamboo’s last moments would’ve looked like.

“I’d like to believe Bamboo put up a hell of a fight before they murdered him. I’d like to believe in his last moments he remembered our days in Central Park, the day Amsterdam came home for the first time, the endless toys and treats, the sofa he slept on every afternoon in my radio studio while I did the morning show and GTWM,” he said.

He continued, “Most of all, I’d like to believe he didn’t suffer. But I’d be wrong. He suffered. In this immense heat, stuck in a truck at 104 degrees outside. I know he ended his life like a person on fire.”

In the Instagram post, Mo also shared a picture of Bamboo’s lifeless body: “The last photo in this post is his body, dumped from a truck in an open lot far away from home.”

“I feel like I failed him and I’m in terrible pain thinking I did. You all can remember his life. I’m going to remember how he was taken and I will have my day,” he ended the post.



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Celebrities including Bianca Gonzalez, Gabby Eigenmann, Gloc-9, and Ryan Eigenmann reached out to the couple in the comment section to extend their sympathies.

Mo and Angelicopter are currently living in the United States with their two children, Lucas and Amsterdam. They got married in Iceland in June of last year.

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