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Aubrey Miles dedicates touching post for daughter Rocket

Aubrey promised her unica hija, "I'll always be there for you anyway I can." ❤️

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

5/4/2022 in News
Aubrey Miles dedicates touching post for daughter Rocket

Aubrey Miles took to Instagram to write a heartfelt message for her daughter Rocket, nearly a week after she and fiancé Troy Montero opened up about their child’s autism diagnosis.

On Monday, May 2, Aubrey penned her “greatest wish” for Rocket who has been diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD).

"My dearest Rocket. My greatest wish is that you always know how much I love you, and that you walk through the rest of your life knowing I'll always be there for you anyway I can,” she wrote in the caption.

“I will never be living my best life without you and your brothers. You guys are the best part of our lives. My time becomes more precious with you guys,” she added.

In the post, Aubrey shared photos of three-year-old Rocket playing with a huge teddy bear in an open field.



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In separate Instagram posts on April 26, Aubrey and Troy revealed Rocket’s condition to the public and offered words of encouragement to parents with similar experiences.

"It’s possible for first time parents to think it’s the worst thing that can happen to their baby. It surely can be scary and who knows what the future holds but definitely not the worst. You just need to know where to go, what you’re dealing with, finding the right therapist, the right support groups and lots of love. We’re still in the process of learning. It’s going to be a long ride,” they jointly wrote.

The couple confirmed in their post that Rocket is undergoing speech therapy and occupational therapy for her ASD.

Aubrey and Troy also have a son named Hunter Cody who turned 13 last October. 

The couple announced their engagement last March after being together for 18 years.

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