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PHOTOS: The most swoon-worthy throwback pics of Brian Poturnak

No wonder Ina Raymundo fell head over heels in love for her husband!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 5/26/2022 in Photos

Is that a Hollywood star we see? Nope, it's just Ina Raymundo's uber gorgeous husband Brian Poturnak!

As much as we're a fan of Ina's ageless beauty and to-die-for body, we're also huge fans (and simps!) of the actress' Canadian-Ukrainian partner. A quick look on the actress' Instagram and you'll see photos of her husband looking so fine for his age, but we unearthed old photos of him that further proves he's been that of a heartthrob and a hottie since his younger years.

We know you want to see more of these throwback gems of Brian so swipe through the gallery above to see them all!

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