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PHOTOS: The most relatable moments from 'Dear Other Self'

Becky (Jodi Sta. Maria) will always be our spirit animal!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 5/17/2022 in Photos

You don't need to be fired or have the worst day to find yourself relating to Becky (Jodi Sta. Maria) from "Dear Other Self." Sometimes, it's simply dreaming about riding a plane or choosing sex between cheesecake or chocolate (totally understandable) to say she is relatable whatever the scenario.

So in celebration of the film's 5th anniversary today, we compiled all the moments from the 2017 comedy that are too realistic and relatable especially in this crazy stage we call adulting. Whether it's getting real talks from our parents to having a reality slap every now and then, every scene just hits different. Swipe through the gallery above to see them all!

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