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PHOTOS: Anne Curtis goes on Bohol vacation with Dahlia

Dahlia even "dreamt" of tarsiers during their trip!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/17/2022 in News
PHOTOS: Anne Curtis goes on Bohol vacation with Dahlia

Anne Curtis and her daughter Dahlia are out and about again, this time in the province of Bohol!

On Instagram, the "It's Showtime" host treated us to some snaps from their trip together with Dahlia's "Tata" Jasmine Curtis. Based on their pics, Anne took her daughter to see the Chocolate Hills and also went for a dip at the pristine beaches in Panglao.

"The only 'chocolate' you can have unli of Dahlia Amélie," Anne wrote in one of her posts, along with a photo of them posing with the popular tourist attraction.





In another post, Anne and Jasmine happily reunited with their brother Thomas who recently flew back from Australia "for a couple of weeks."



The "The Mall, The Merrier" actress also shared a cute conversation she had with her daughter who seemed so fond of the tarsiers after seeing them for the first time.



Prior to their Bohol trip, Anne and Dahlia went on a beach trip together with Erwan Heussaff. They also recently flew to Davao to celebrate Jasmine's birthday last April.

Anne has starred in a number of Star Cinema films, including "Babe, I Love You," "when Love Begins," and "Ang Cute ng Ina Mo," among others.

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