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PHOTOS: 'He's Into Her' cast in their real-life school uniforms

That photo of Belle from her St. Paul days is just the cutest!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 5/13/2022 in Photos

It's a fact: all the "He's Into Her" cast members look gorgeous in the Benison International School uniform. Much like the ones we see in Korean and Japanese dramas, the fictional school's uniform definitely brought out the best from the characters.

But in real life, the series stars have also lived in their respective school uniforms. From Belle Mariano’s St. Paul College days to Donny Pangilinan’s school boy days in Brent International School, we know you'd love to see the "He's Into Her" cast in their real-life uniforms. Just browse through the gallery above to see them all!

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