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WATCH: Ivana Alawi stages spontaneous 'street food party'

She ended up giving the street food vendor 5,000 pesos!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

5/12/2022 in News
WATCH: Ivana Alawi stages spontaneous 'street food party'

Ivana Alawi is apparently a big fan of street food, as seen in her latest vlog where she allowed her followers to “control her day.”

The “A Family Affair” actress uploaded a YouTube vlog yesterday, May 11, showing how she obliged some of her followers' requests, including cooking and eating street food.

Excited to partake in the challenge, Ivana went out to look for a street food vendor together with her mother, Fatima, and sister, Mona. 

“Maraming salamat sa lahat ng nag-request ng street food,” Ivana excitedly told viewers.

Ivana then invited the bystanders to join her and her family, in what she later called a “street food party.” To help them out, she served different sauces to go with their snacks. And not only did she treat the people to an afternoon snack, she also bought them drinks!

“Kuha lang kayo ng kung anong gusto niyo,” she assured them of her treat.

After a brief photo op with the bystanders, Ivana gave the vendor a total of 5,000 pesos which is worth more than the food they consumed. She also handed out money to the other “nanays” for extra food allowance and “as a Mother’s Day gift.”

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