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TIMELINE: Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey's relationship

The hottest pair in the universe truly has the most wonderful love story!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/12/2022 in News
TIMELINE: Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey's relationship

The world, the universe rather, celebrated when Pia Wurtzbach and Jeremy Jauncey announced their engagement. But before reaching this milestone in their relationship, they were two people who tried their best to make a long distance relationship work for the past two years.

Before they officially take the road to forever, let's all look back on how it all started for the couple:

Late 2019 - Pia and Jeremy met at an event in United Kingdom

Pia first opened up about their love story in a vlog of BJ Pascual, where she revealed how she first met the hunk. Apparently, she was approached by Jeremy at an event in the UK in 2019. 

After a bit of chatting, Pia agreed to go out for a coffee with him and even gave him her number. 

And just before she left the UK, the two even got to bond over dinner and even spent the New Year together!

January 2020 - Pia and Jeremy were spotted together in Indonesia

Rumors about Pia dating Jeremy first circulated in January 2020 when eagle-eyed netizens noticed the similarity of their posts as they toured around Indonesia.

March 2020 - Pia opened up about her new romance for the first time

Pia admitted that she's seeing someone in a cover feature for MEGA magazine, saying that she can be her "full self" when she's with her new man.

May 2020 - Pia thanked Jeremy for his surprise

Without confirming anything, Pia thanked the Beautiful Destinations founder for his "sweet surprise" - a beautiful bouquet of flowers!

June 2020 - Pia and Jeremy finally confirmed their relationship!

And it's official: the couple confirmed they're relationship status in an interview with Tatler Philippines as they graced the cover of the magazine.



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August 2020 - Pia and Jeremy reunited in London

When COVID-19 lockdown restrictions were finally lifted, the couple reunited after several months in London. It also marked their first public appearance together after finally confirming their relationship.

September 2020 - Jeremy joins Pia's family for lunch

As seen in Pia's mom Cheryl's vlog, Jeremy had his first meal with the actress' family when he joined them for a hearty lunch in the UK. 

They also flew to Greece in the same month!



December 31, 2020 - Pia, Jeremy marked their 1st anniversary

Although they announced their relationship in June 2020, the two seemed to have made it official in December 2019, as they marked their 1st anniversary on December 31, 2020.



March 2021 - Pia bids "goodbye" to Jeremy

The first quarter of 2021 was a jam packed year for the couple travel-wise who flew from London to Maldives and eventually Morocco in a span of three months. 





July 2021 - The couple finally reunite!

After being away from each other for months, Pia and Jeremy finally reunited on a trip to Dubai.



The two also went on a trip to Turkey later that year, just in time for Pia's birthday.



January 2022 - Pia, Jeremy marked their 2nd anniversary

While they were apart for their 2nd anniversary, the two made sure to mark it with sweet tributes.



That month, the two also reunited in Scotland after Pia finally recovered from COVID-19.



March 2022 - Switzerland trip

The couple enjoyed a trip to snowy Switzerland just before they flew to the Philippines.



April 2022 - Rumors about Pia's engagement circulated

A month before they announced their engagement, netizens noticed that Pia seemed to be "hiding" what seemed to be an engagement ring in her photos. You can see them below:



The two also arrived in the PH in the same month as Jeremy attended a travel forum, while Pia hosted the Miss Universe Philippines 2022 pageant. They also went to Albay together before finally flying to Amanpulo.







May 6, 2022 - Pia and Jeremy announced their engagement!

A month later, they officially announced their engagement during their vacation in Amanpulo, Palawan.

Congratulations again, Pia and Jeremy! 💍 

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