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Alice Dixson introduces eldest daughter Sassa

Alice proudly described her “panganay” as a woman who's “beautiful inside and out”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

5/11/2022 in News
Alice Dixson introduces eldest daughter Sassa

As private as she is with her personal life, Alice Dixson finally introduced her “panganay” to the world in time for Mother’s Day.

The actress dedicated an Instagram post to her eldest child Sassa and shared photos and a snippet of their mother-and-daughter bonding moments on Tuesday, May 10.

Alice also included a glimpse of her baby daughter Aura in two of the pictures.

Describing motherhood as a “gift,” Alice went on to express her pride and gratitude for having the family that she does and a daughter like Sassa who is “beautiful inside and out.”

“Being a mom is a gift. I’ve been very lucky in my lifetime to experience it twice; 1st with Sassa our panganay. (Nang) dumating nabuo ang munting pamilya,” she spoke of her eldest daughter.

She further explained why she has not “formally” made Sassa’s identity known to the public until now.

“[Although], hindi ko siya na-introduce formally when she was a teen kasi napaka-protective ng father niya; pero ngayon na young lady na siya at masters grad pa - the world is now her oyster. I’m so very proud of the woman you are and becoming. Beautiful inside and out,” she wrote in the caption.

“Happy Mother’s Day to me and all the mom matrastas like me. Thank you for your greetings,” she added.



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In April of last year, Alice announced that she had welcomed baby Aura with her long-time partner via surrogacy.

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