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KC Concepcion saved from 'possible paralysis' due to neurological effect of COVID-19

KC said her left hand and leg are still weak after having a "bad case of COVID"

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

5/10/2022 in News
KC Concepcion saved from 'possible paralysis' due to neurological effect of COVID-19

KC Concepcion has nothing but gratitude to her doctor for saving her from possible paralysis due to the neurological effect of COVID-19 in her.

On Instagram Stories over the weekend, the actress-host recalled her bout with coronavirus, that affected her motor skills.

"I have my dearest doctor, the brilliant Dr. Albert Recio @harvardhopkinsmd to thank, for acting urgently, and arresting a possible paralysis the other day due to a neurological effect COVID had on me," she wrote.

"What I thought was a mild bout turned into something much more serious overnight," she continued. "I felt a change in my motor skills and also knew it was hitting my brain... it's like nothing I'd ever experienced before."

Thankfully, her doctor immediately prescribed her medicine that helped her combat the virus in her body. “Doc urgently prescribed me the exact meds I needed at exactly the right time—and by anticipating the progress of COVID in my body, he put me on the road to recovery," she shared.

On her 6th day experiencing COVID symptoms, KC started "regaining strength slowly but surely."

In her latest update earlier today, May 10, KC said she's finally recovering, although she's still suffering from mild symptoms.

"Hi. Something good happened today. I'm recovering from COVID!" she announced on Instagram Stories. "ICYMI, I had a bad case of COVID where it affected my brain and motor skills so medyo mahina pa left hand and leg ko now."

Nonetheless, she is grateful to finally be able to walk outside again before reminding people that COVID is still out there.

"Today is the first day I actually feel better and I still have a little cough, but apart from that... kaya ko na maglakad ng konti sa labas. Hay, 10 days na, Lord, sana okay na talaga ako. Stay safe, everyone. So ako kumakapit sa meds at mask pa rin!" she added.

KC is currently in New York for her upcoming Hollywood movie “Asian Persuasion." She was chosen to replace Toni Gonzaga, who dropped out of the project due to “conflict of schedule.”

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