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Maxene Magalona says ‘letting go’ is key to ‘having more peace’

“In order for us to have more peace and ease in our lives, we have to learn to let go.”

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

4/7/2022 in News
Maxene Magalona says ‘letting go’ is key to ‘having more peace’

There’s never a shortage of wise words and empowering messages when it comes to Maxene Magalona.

In her recent guesting on the “Life in Progress” podcast hosted by Angely Dub and Podcast Network Asia, Maxene candidly articulated her thoughts on how to best deal with the “downs” of life or being in a “place of discomfort.”

Believing that awareness is key, the “Viral Scandal” actress puts a premium on acknowledging the low feelings as much as the highs.

“It doesn’t really matter if you are in a place of discomfort right now. It’s not something you should be ashamed of,” she said. “We should not be ashamed when we are feeling down or when we are feeling like failures because this is a natural part of life. There would not be ups if there are not any downs.”

“We have to understand that this life is made up of both sunshine and rain, light and dark, right and wrong. It is a world of duality so in order for us to stay in that balanced state, we have to learn to detach and not be too attached, even to the good feelings,” she further explained.

Maxene believes that in the act of “letting go” and allowing all experiences, whether good or bad, to be felt, welcomed, and released as they are.

“Whenever we experience something good, you say thank you, you be grateful for it, and then you let it go. Then whenever something not-so-good is happening, you acknowledge it as well. You say, ‘I am not feeling not good right now. I feel fearful. I feel down.’ It’s okay to say those things, to acknowledge, and then you let it go,” she shared.

Maxene then made a strong statement that “letting go” is key to “having more peace,” drawing from the lessons she’s learned from when she lived in Bali with her husband Rob Mananquil for the most part of 2020.

“I would say that one of the things I learned while I was in Bali was when one of our teachers said that the number one cause of human suffering is attachment. So I would really have to say that in order for us to have more peace and ease in our lives, we have to learn to let go, to keep letting go and to stay open to life as well,” she said.

In early January of this year, Maxene and Rob have been subject to separation rumors, after they unfollowed each on Instagram and the actress dropped his surname off her display name. There has been no confirmation from either side.

You can listen to the whole episode here:

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