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Maricel Soriano, happy to share experiences to mentor and guide young actors

"Ayokong manalaytay sa kanila 'yung nerbyos, 'yung takot."

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/27/2022 in News
Maricel Soriano, happy to share experiences to mentor and guide young actors

Maricel Soriano isn't the Diamond Star for nothing. A household name in the industry, many celebrities could attest to her professionalism and modesty, especially those who had the chance to work with her in the past.

In the livestream event for the restored film “Ama, Ina, Anak,” the 57-year-old actress revealed that her way of guiding and mentoring her co-stars,  particularly the young ones, stemmed from how her own mentors, Dolphy and Nida Blanca, taught her way back.

"Oo, ganun [ko sila tutukan, like how Dolphy and Nida guided me]. Kasi gusto kong i-share kung ano 'yung magandang nangyari sa akin," she shared.

Maricel also believes it helps that her co-stars are at ease with her. "Ayokong manalaytay sa kanila 'yung nerbyos, 'yung takot. Sayang 'yung eksena, hindi naman ako lang 'yung kasali sa eksena, kumbaga lahat tayo magkakasali," she explained.

The "A Love Story" actress then put the spotlight on one of her best mentees, none other than the Ultimate Heartthrob Piolo Pascual, whom she had worked with in the 2001 film "Mila." According to her, the actor embodies all the good traits showbiz newbies should have and look up to.

"Mabait si Papa P, gustung-gusto ko siya. Isa siyang magandang ehemplo sa lahat ng mga pumapasok na bagong artista," she praised the actor. "Sana gayahin nila si Piolo. Dahil si Piolo napakahusay na artista, hindi lang basta professional. Pagdating sa set, walang chika."

She also recalled how Piolo is the type to consult her with their scenes beforehand, something she admires from the actor.

"May hawak na script 'yan at unan, nasa ilalim lang ng hagdanan. Doon nagse-set up kami, siya nasa ilalim lang ng hagdanan tapos kakausapin ako n'yan. Konti lang ang chika pero sasabihin niya, 'Nay, sa eksenang ganito, paano natin gagawin?' 'O halika, gusto mo practice tayo.' Then practice kaming dalawa. Okay siya, ang galing-galing," she added.

Written and directed by Joey Javier Reyes, you can stream the digitally restored and remastered version of "Ama, Ina, Anak" on KTX.ph! Book your tickets here.

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