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6 times Angel Locsin was just like her TV and film characters

Angel possesses all the best parts of these characters!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/26/2022 in News
6 times Angel Locsin was just like her TV and film characters

Angel Locsin isn't an award-winning actress for a reason. She has a certain charm that makes viewers love her no matter what her character, and she knows how to make each of them distinct from one another.

And if you're just like us who are big fans of her portrayals, we bet you have also noticed how she's very similar to her characters in real-life. So in celebration of her recent 37th birthday, let's all look back at how her TV and film characters represent a part of Angel:
Angel is a loving daughter to her dad like Arah from "Love Me Again"



Being a certified daddy's girl, Angel values her father more than anything else. And when it comes to going the extra mile for him just like how Arah did for her dad in "Love Me Again," we bet she'd undoubtedly do it in a heartbeat.

Angel is forgiving like Monica from "The Legal Wife"

While Angel hasn't experienced being betrayed by her best friend like Monica, she has proven countless times how her angelic nature makes it easy for her to forgive others. Take it on how she has forgiven her high school bully back in 2019, even going as far as apologizing herself.

Angel is willing to sacrifice for her loved ones like Grace from "One More Try"



Nothing is quite like a mother's sacrifice, and it's something Angel would do over and over again, but for her loved ones. Angel proved it when she pursued a career in modeling just to help her family back when they were still struggling.

Angel is passionate like Alex from "Four Sisters and a Wedding"



Be it as an actress or a philanthropist, Angel is very passionate in whatever she does that it radiates to her work, just like how Alex excels in filmmaking. The outcome? Nothing but topnotch projects from her!

Angel is selfless like Jaica from "Everything About Her"





We bet no one comes close to Angel when it comes to her selfless acts over the years. She may not be a nurse like Jaica who can treat people, but she already comes close to being one for always being the first in line whenever people are in need.

Angel fights for what is right like Rhian from "The General's Daughter"



If there's anything Angel does best, it's using her own influence to stand for what is right. She might not be an assassin like Rhian, but she sure knows how to use her power as a citizen and a celebrity for the greater good.

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