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WATCH: Francine Diaz achieves ‘dream’ room makeover

Francine went on a fun shopping trip with Karen Davila to buy new furniture for her room!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

4/25/2022 in News
WATCH: Francine Diaz achieves ‘dream’ room makeover

Francine Diaz is officially room makeover goals!

The “Bola-Bola” star finally materialized her “dream” room as she shopped for furniture and beddings with Karen Davila, as seen on a vlog uploaded on the broadcast journalist’s YouTube channel on April 23.

Just last year, Francine was able to give her family their own house and car out of her own earnings in showbiz. In furnishing their new home, Francine and her sisters’ room remains the last ones to be completely outfitted with new furniture and decor.

Opting for a neutral theme, Francine bought a double decker bed, a set of study table plus chairs, curtains, bed covers, linens, lamps, and an accent rug from a furniture retailer in Pasay City. 

“Sobrang saya ko, ate (Karen), kasi hindi lang idea ko ‘yung nakukuha. Ang dami, from you, from sa kanila (shopping assistants). Nagiging creative sa isip ko. So I’m very happy,” Francine exclaimed at the end of the shopping trip.

You can watch the full vlog below:

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