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What we’re excited to uncover on ‘He’s Into Her’ season 2!

Will Max and Deib resolve their trust issues? Or will that be the ultimate cause of their breakup?

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

4/20/2022 in News
What we’re excited to uncover on ‘He’s Into Her’ season 2!

Going by the trailer of “He’s Into Her” season 2, it’s safe to say that more fun, drama, and exciting times await us all and the whole Bearkada! 

While we wait for the new season to premiere this Friday, April 22, allow us to ponder on which plot points captured our attention in the series’ trailer. Read through the list below to get excited with us: 

1. Will Max’s dad ever approve of her relationship to Deib? 

Max (Belle Mariano) and Deib’s (Donny Pangilinan) relationship seems to be going from strength to strength since last season. But things aren’t as perfect as they seem. For one, Max’s father has his reservations about her daughter’s relationship with Deib. Is there anything Deib would do to win him over or the stance of Max’s dad stay the same throughout the season? 

2. How will Deib redeem himself from his past choices?

In line with having a bad reputation to Max’s dad, it doesn’t help that Deib has a checkered past. In the upcoming season, Deib has to confront issues that stem from his past, including previous bullying incidents he had initiated.

3. Will Deib be able to give that to her? Or is parting ways the better solution?

Speaking of the past, it doesn’t sit well with Deib that Max continues to seek comfort from the company of her ex RJ (Jeremiah Lisbo). As Max points out in a heated argument with Deib, she “deserves his trust.”


Now that we’ve gotten you excited to see more of Max and Deib’s love this season, we’re sure there’s more to uncover from the characters of Tob (Rhys Miguel), Michiko (Kaori Oinuma), Lee (Joao Constancia), Naih (Criza Taa), and more!

So mark your calendars and we’ll see you at the show’s premiere this coming April 22!

You can watch the full trailer below:

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