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Baron Geisler’s wife reveals actor’s ‘relapse’ into alcoholism

"I’ve been very patient and forgiving for how many years so napuno na siguro ako."

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

4/12/2022 in News
Baron Geisler’s wife reveals actor’s ‘relapse’ into alcoholism

Baron Geisler has been “relapsing” into his alcohol addiction and plans on going back to rehab, according to his wife Jamie Evangelista.

In a report by PUSH published today, April 12, Jamie released an official statement to Ogie Diaz concerning a now-deleted video clip of herself and Baron seemingly in the middle of an argument on Instagram. The video showed Jamie throwing a container of liquid towards the actor while he’s in bed. In the clip, Baron can be heard saying, “Sino ba sa amin ang kailangan magpa-rehab?” 

“I just wanted to explain my side lang sana,” Jamie said in her statement. “I know naman kilala mo si Baron personally. Yes, you are right po, grabe pag-relapse niya lately. Last December, medyo traumatic for the kids. So I told him ‘pag iinom ka, ‘wag dito sa bahay.”

Jamie also revealed that Baron’s drinking habits have been getting in the way of his work commitments: “So last Saturday, uminom siya knowing may trabaho siya sa Manila on Monday. We were scheduled to leave Sunday morning pero obviously we missed the flight kasi nga umiinom siya.”

“May friend siya, ‘yung tinatawag kong ‘Sugar Mommy’ kasi she picks him up and kinokonsinte pag-inom niya and dinala siya sa hotel. He messaged me na he was ready to fly na Sunday night, pero when I went to the hotel umiinom pa rin. Kaya nagalit na ako kasi ilang ticket na ang nasayang,” she added.

Jamie went on to say that she has reached out to a rehabilitation facility herself to get professional help for her husband of over two years.

“I’ve been very patient and forgiving for how many years so napuno na siguro ako. Tumawag ako ng taga-rehab para maka-detox siya doon for a few days and ma-resched ang dubbing sa Manila but he got so paranoid. Nag-video siya I guess to seek sympathy. Anyway I apologize for my inappropriate behavior dun sa video,” she included in her statement.

To set the record straight, Jamie said that Baron hasn’t been drinking everyday, but “every two weeks” for three days straight which is then followed by a period of depression.

“So three days ‘yan iinom then ‘pag huminto na he gets depressed. Nasa kuwarto lang siya for three to four days. So I see to it na ‘pag may sched na trabaho na, avoid talaga sa pag-inom,” she explained.

“I told him to learn to be independent kasi magfor-forty na siya. Intindihin na lang natin kasi may chemical imbalance na talaga siya. Pero he also has to help himself,” she said.

Currently, Jamie hopes that Baron’s plans on returning to rehab will push through. Meanwhile, she’ll be taking care of their children in Cebu.

“He is in Manila now. Magpapa-rehab daw siya. I hope it’s true. Nasa kanya na talaga ‘yan. Focus na lang ako dito sa Cebu sa mga bata,” she added.

Baron and Jamie tied the knot in a civil ceremony in September 2019. They welcomed their daughter Talitha Cumi on January 20, 2020. Baron also took on the role of stepfather to Jamie's son from a previous relationship.

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