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PHOTOS: Pat Sugui, Aeriel Garcia in ‘air’-themed prenup shoot

It's hard not to fall in love with Pat and Aeriel's fresh-looking prenup pics! 😍

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

4/11/2022 in News
PHOTOS: Pat Sugui, Aeriel Garcia in ‘air’-themed prenup shoot

Actor Pat Sugui and his fiancée Aeriel Garcia look so in love in their latest "air"-themed prenup photos!

On their respective Instagram accounts, the celebrity couple jointly shared a poetic caption together with prenuptial pictures professionally taken by Nice Print Photography. As shared in the caption, Pat and Aeriel chose “air” to be the theme of their summer-set pictorial.

The caption read,
“One... two... three... 
I inhale our dreams and sweet yearnings 

Four... five... six…
I hold my breath as you leave me breathless with your gaze 

Seven... eight... nine... 
I exhale all my doubts and anxieties 

This love is forever... 
You are every AIR that I breathe.”



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Their wedding planner La Belle Fete also uploaded more of the couple’s prenup photos along with a touching write-up behind the theme of the shoot.

“It is euphoric to find respect and reciprocity in someone who fits your jagged edges and fills your empty cup. And it is surreal to find that person becomes the air that you breathe and yet leaves you breathless at the same time,” they wrote in the caption.

“Aeriel is Pat's air. And Pat is Aeriel's heart. And as the air fills the whole body, the heart pumps the blood. And together, there's life; there's love,” they added.



Pat and Aeriel got engaged in December of 2020, after over two years of dating.

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