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Albie Casiño says moving on process from exes Andi Eigenmann and Dawn Jimenez were different

Albie explains why he easily moved on from ex Andi Eigenmann

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

4/1/2022 in News
Albie Casiño says moving on process from exes Andi Eigenmann and Dawn Jimenez were different

When it comes to moving on, each of us have a different timeline for how long it takes to get over a breakup.

Unfortunately, actor Albie Casiño belongs to those who have a hard time moving on, which he admitted during the "How To Move On in 30 Days" media conference on March 30.

The actor said when he introduces a new girl to his mom that indicates that he has moved on from his previous relationship. 

"Ako, hirap talaga ako mag-move on. Masasabi kong naka-move on na ako kapag may naipakilala na ako kay Mama. Doon ko malalaman na, 'Okay na ako, nakapag-move on na ako. May naipakilala na ako kay Mama,'" he said.

Albie, however, said it was a different scenario during his first-ever breakup with ex Andi Eigenmann, which made headlines for months.

"Hindi mo talaga masasabi na parang breakup lang 'yun. It's more of eskandalo, 'di lang breakup lang 'yun," he recalled.

"Ibang-iba 'yung process nun kung paano ka mag-move on sa relationship, 'cause I figure out, how am I gonna move on with my life after that?"

The "Pinoy Big Brother" alum shared that it was different in a way that he didn't have time to dwell on his heartbreak with all the news surrounding him.

"Noong time na 'yun, first relationship ko 'yun, so wala pa talaga akong alam. I really didn't know what's going on. Noong time na 'yun, wala akong time para masaktan ang puso ko because there's so many things going on with the news," he detailed.

"It has taken away my attention from the heartache kumbaga, kaya hindi ko medyo naramdaman talaga 'yung sakit sa puso. Paano, ginulpi na ako, puso ko pa rin ang masakit?" Albie added in jest. "Siyempre, hindi 'no. That is a totally different situation from regular breakup ng kayo ng ex mo or something. Hindi ko talaga siya naco-compare even to my other relationships."

Albie only had the chance to actually deal with a breakup when he parted ways with his ex, actress Dawn Violago, better known as Dawn Jimenez.

"After si Andi, I even dated si Dawn Violago. We broke up. Doon, medyo nadurog din ako dun. That took me a lot to get over," he admitted. 

"Pero 'yung kay Andi, I was basically over that the next day 'cause there were so many things going on. Parang I can't concentrate on a broken heart na. It's all over the news, nabugbog pa ako... ang dami talagang ibang nangyari," he maintained.

Nonetheless, Albie wouldn't wish to forget his exes no matter how bad his experiences were with them.

"Never ko naman sigurong iwi-wish na makakalimot ako ng tao. Everyone who has been part of my life, nakadagdag sila sa experiences ko sa buhay, nakatulong sila, they were able to teach me things," he said.

"I will always be forever grateful to everyone that has been part of my life," he added.

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