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LOOK: Ben&Ben's Paolo Guico shares weight loss transformation

"These pictures represent years of hard work and sacrifice."

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/9/2022 in News
LOOK: Ben&Ben's Paolo Guico shares weight loss transformation

Paolo Benjamin Guico, a member of the OPM band Ben&Ben, took to Instagram to celebrate a major fitness milestone he achieved.

Today, March 9, the musician shared before-and-after photos of him after he finally reached his weight goal.

Baring his fit body, Paolo happily celebrated the results of his "years of hard work and sacrifice."

"Today, I just wanted to celebrate this growth with all of you. Thanks for being there to cheer me on at my lowest moments. I hit my goal weight this week, finally 🙏" he wrote in the caption.



The lead vocalist also shared some pieces of advice for people who are currently in their journey of growth.

"If you are on a path of growth, do it out of love for yourself and do it for the people you love. Never do it just to please others, because it will never be enough. You are enough."

"You have so much to offer to the world," he continued. "I know you're working hard. You got this. You're not alone. I'm rooting for you. I'm with you."

He concluded his post by putting into the spotlight his "awesome" stretch marks. "In this picture, I also celebrate my stretch marks. Cause they're awesome. I also celebrate my past self, because he's awesome too," he wrote.

Paolo said he also plans to share his struggles and how he overcame them in the coming weeks in the comments.

Prior to his post, Paolo shared how running played a huge part in his weight loss commitment which began before the pandemic.

Acknowledging all his struggles, low self-esteem, and loss of motivation, the musician unapologetically celebrated the moment which literally took "blood, sweat, and tears" for him.



"This has been one of the toughest battles of my life. But God granted me an extra push to persevere, one day at a time. I realized that maybe he gave me this capacity to endure and struggle, so that I may inspire at least one person out there," part of his caption reads.

"If you're struggling for a breakthrough, in school, work, life, for your body, or for your mind, yes rest for a bit, but know that you can get back stronger!! And you'll make it! If I did it, you can do it so much better," he added.

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