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5 TikTok creators to follow if you want to get your groove on

These TikTok dance creators never miss a beat 👏

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

3/5/2022 in News
5 TikTok creators to follow if you want to get your groove on

Ever since TikTok came about, dance floors aren’t limited to music warehouses and training studios anymore. Just turn the volume up, get your feet on the floor, and feel the gravity of the groove settle in your soul. See? You’re instantly the main character of your own dance movie!

And whether you were born with two left feet or have perfect mind-body-soul coordination, dance is absolutely for everybody. So if you’re looking for some dance inspo, the following TikTok dance creators should definitely be on your radar:

Yanyan De Jesus

Not all dancers move, dress, and project in front of the camera like Yanyan. For those reasons (and more), he’s considered a gem in the TikTok dance community, and we definitely agree! Check out his dance videos and we bet you will too.


@yanyandejesus1 Hittin' this one for the last time 😅 (dc: @brandonlilhero ♬ LISA REMIX BY BRANDON LILHERO - Lilhero.brandon




I don't know how to shake that 🍑🙃



Jomak Peladra

You don’t just get one dancer from Jomak’s page. In fact, you don’t just get dancers — you get an entertaining and talented crew of dancing riders! The energy of Jomak and the SPC (San Pablo City) Dancing Riders is highly infectious and inspiring. If we could even have half of their swag, we'd be happy!


@jomakpldra Miss nyo ba kami 🥺 we missyou all! #fyp #deliveryriders #spcdancingriders ♬ original sound - Jhowvhil - JOVIL👾



@jomakpldra Reply to @nianaguerrero PETITION TO COLLAB WITH US MAM! Wahaha seeyou soon again! 🥰😊 More Dc pa 😁 #fyp #spcdancingriders #deliveryriders #sanpabluymahalkuy #foodpandaph ♬ Give It Up - Niana Guerrero


Cedie & Rosie

A couple that dances on TikTok together, stays moving and grooving together! Cedie and Rosie never fail to make us smile with their choreographed numbers as a couple and as individuals. Is it even legal to have that much chemistry and skill in a 15 or 30-second clip? Apparently so!



she does it better 😌

♬ Because of You - Ne-Yo



@cedieandrosie markings muna… 😬 dc: @khalifa_boi ♬ BMW - Khalifa Boi 😈👌🏾


Ysai Castro

We’re just going to say what many of you are thinking: Ysai is pure fire. With her smooth, sharp, and sassy moves, it’s almost impossible to look away! Even more impossible to resist dancing and wishing we’re as good as her. Good news is, we don't have to be! Her dance snippets radiate such an unapologetic vibe that inspires us to feel good in our own skin no matter our skill level.


@ysaicastro New challenge for ya’ll! Tag me when you do it 🤍 #EssenceChallenge Dc: 🙋🏻‍♀️ #fyp ♬ original sound - Ysai Castro



@ysaicastro 🧠: @eddievinz 🙌🏻 Full vid on ig! Check it! go follow me as well 🤩 @.ysaicastro #fyp ♬ original sound - Ysai Castro


Kim Lajara

Now, if you’ve been super inspired by the amazing dance content we’ve just presented to you, we've got more good news for you: you can get your groove on too! For starters, we present to you the one and only Kim Lajara! Kim’s videos are more than enough instructional and motivational material that make us all equals on the TikTok dance floor. Now, excuse us while we learn from his most recent uploads.


@kimpeeee Wasted‼️ (dc:@fordlee_liqueboy) #kimpilaj ♬ Wasted Challenge - Leonard Lique



@kimpeeee WE FOUND LOVE‼️(ctto) #kimpilaj ♬ original sound - Prizn Lyrics


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