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8 honeymoon locations inspired by celebrity couples

Jessy & Luis, Sarah & Matteo, + Alex & Mikee went to Amanpulo on each of their honeymoons!

Humility Javier
Humility Javier

3/4/2022 in News
8 honeymoon locations inspired by celebrity couples

Marriage is a wonderful series of celebrations. From staging a creative proposal to taking prenup photos to committing in the actual wedding ceremony, couples get to create and share memorable moments unique to their love story. Moments they would cherish forever.

As much as those big events are fun and worthwhile, they can also be inevitably tiring. So after the whole deal has been signed, sealed, and delivered, the next thing couples look forward to is their honeymoon! It’s during the honeymoon when newlyweds can take the time to relax and enjoy alone time sans the background noise. 

Whether you’re looking for some ideas for your own honeymoon or you just want to be inspired to travel and feel kilig at the same time, then scroll through this compilation of honeymoon locations inspired by celebrity couples:

1. Africa

Anne Curtis & Erwan Heussaff

A year after they tied the knot in Queenstown, New Zealand, Anne and Erwan went mostly off the grid in South Africa!

Ellen Adarna & Derek Ramsay

Ellen and Derek loaded up on adventure together with the actress’ 3-year-old son Elias in Tanzania, where they went on a safari tour and enjoyed the beautiful nature Africa has to offer!

2. Amanpulo

Being one of the top honeymoon destinations in the Philippines, Amanpulo was the getaway location of choice of the following celebrity couples:

Sarah Geronimo & Matteo Guidicelli

Jessy Mendiola & Luis Manzano

Alex Gonzaga & Mikee Morada

3. Maldives

Another out-of-the-country honeymoon location we’re big fans of is the Maldives! Musical couples Yeng & Yan and Moira & Jason both flew to the gorgeous South Asian country to enjoy one-on-one time after their weddings.

Yeng Constantino & Yan Asuncion

Moira dela Torre & Jason Marvin Hernandez 

Fun fact: the first leg of Moira and Jason’s two-part honeymoon trip took place in El Nido!

4. Japan

Jericho Rosales & Kim Jones

Jericho and Kim opted for an urban getaway rather than a tropical vacation. And while in Tokyo, they went to see the British band Coldplay!

5. India

Robin Padilla & Mariel Rodriguez 

After tying the knot in the Taj Mahal, Robin and Mariel took in the sights and wonders of India for their honeymoon.

The couple also had a European honeymoon when they visited Paris, Vatican City and Amsterdam.

6. Switzerland

Lucy Torres & Richard Gomez 

Lucy described their honeymoon best with an Instagram post on August 21, 2019.

“Everyday was wonderful, newl. We would take long walks, have slow meals. Many little stories shared between us. We would just go from moment to moment, allowing each to unfold as it did. There was no fear of missing out on anything, no mad rush to do or see so much at every new stop. And yet the day was always full, and beautiful, because we had each other, and that was enough,” she wrote in the post.

How sweet!

7. Hawaii

John Prats & Isabel Oli

You can’t get wrong with a trip to paradise, and indeed John and Isabel had a blast during their honeymoon in Hawaii.

8. Italy

Dingdong Dantes & Marian Rivera

After the first part of their honeymoon in Boracay, Dingdong and Marian put their tourist shoes on and had a fabulous Roman holiday.

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