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Diego Loyzaga reconciles with dad Cesar Montano after 7 years

Diego said he regrets his "impulsiveness" back then and vows to make up for their lost time

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/4/2022 in News
Diego Loyzaga reconciles with dad Cesar Montano after 7 years

Diego Loyzaga and his father Cesar Montano have finally reconciled after seven years.

On March 3, the "Bloody Crayons" actor shared some photos on Instagram from his mini reunion with his dad. Diego is the son of Cesar with veteran actress Teresa Loyzaga.

In the caption, Diego said sorry to his dad for his "impulsiveness" back then that led to their seven-year rift. 

"7 years is a long time for a son not to see his father. After seven years, after mistakes, God made a way to bring us together again," he wrote.



A post shared by Diego (@diegoloyzaga)


"I apologise for the impulsiveness of my youth. If we could take back the words and the distance and the time wasted, I would."

Also sharing some throwback photos from his childhood, Diego vows to make up for the lost time between them. 

"One thing we can do is make up for it. It was so good to see you and play ball with you today. Value your family and loved ones today for tomorrow is not promised," he said. 

Diego then ended his post with a realization saying, "As I mature, the more I wish saying sorry was enough to fix all of the world's problems. Just peace and love and nothing else matters ✌️❤️"

It was in 2017 when Diego had an outburst on social media after Cesar threatened to put him under police custody upon learning that his son allegedly used prohibited drugs.

He also brought up other issues such as being driven away from the house the actor gave to him, being "unwanted" by him since he was a child, and all of his unfulfilled promises to him as a father.

Four years later, Diego expressed his longing for his dad in a press conference in July 2021, saying he wanted to finally make amends with him.

He also revealed in an interview in November 2021 that he and Cesar are already on speaking terms after he reached out to him when the latter caught COVID-19.

"I’ve been reaching out to him lately. We talk very, very briefly when he has the time," Diego said.

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