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10 times Dahlia Amélie proved she's just like her mom Anne Curtis

A sweetheart just like her Mama, Dahlia Amélie all has the makings of a future superstar!

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 3/31/2022 in Photos

At first look, Dahlia Amélie Heussaff is, without a doubt, a mini-me of her dad Erwan Heussaff. She's got the features of her Papa, and Erwan's throwback pics from childhood are proof of it.

But the more we see Dahlia grow into a little girl, the more we're sure that she got everything else from her mom Anne Curtis. The smile, the side profile, and her bungisngis personality is definitely something she shares similarly with her mother. And at two years old, she's already showing hints of being a born actress with her effortless charm that reminds us a lot of her mom.

We've got all the proof you need to see how much this mother-and-daughter tandem is very much alike! Swipe through the gallery above to see them all, with an added bonus of these two adorable clips of little Dahlia:





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