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4 TikTok creators to follow for some good laughs

Their videos will keep you LOL-ing 24/7! 🤣

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/3/2022 in News
4 TikTok creators to follow for some good laughs

What's amazing about TikTok is how it has become free therapy for some whenever they're feeling down. We never leave the app without having a good laugh, and it's been saving a lot of us for months (or even years) from suffering from these pandemic blues.

While you can always rely on the TikTok algorithm for the funniest videos on your FYP, you can always have a go-to list of users that are sure to make you laugh. Below are some of the most hilarious creators on the platform you should definitely follow:

Hans Dowel (@hansdowel)

We bet each of Hans' over 4 million followers can speak of how much of a stress-reliever his videos are. From comedic skits to relatable POVs, he will really tickle your funny bone with his videos! 

@hansdowel bakit kaya parang may kulang? 😭 #fyp #hansdowel ♬ original sound - Hans Dowel

@hansdowel mga ganap sa gate ng school with kuya guard 🤣 (jokes only) #fyp #hansdowel #trend ♬ original sound - Hans Dowel

@hansdowel tapos lagot ka ulit pag umalis na yung bisita! 🤣 #fyp #hansdowel ♬ original sound - Hans Dowel

Fonz (@ribsp

Fonz's videos are unlike any other you see on the platform. His POVs come from random moments we experience on the regular, that makes his videos funnier and very relatable.

@ribsp #foryoupage ♬ original sound - fonz


♬ original sound - fonz


bwiset na judge to

♬ original sound - fonz

Nurse Even (@lemesayeven)

What's funny about Nurse Even's videos is you know they're derived from his real-life experiences as a nurse. And while we may not be working in the same field as him, you just can't help but laugh at how hilarious he enacts every single scenario!

@lemesayeven Bakit ba samin kayo nagagalit? 😅😂🤣🥲 #kunars #nurseeven ♬ original sound - Nurse Even

@lemesayeven #stitch with @salaciouscrumb007 Pagod na pagod kami Lord tapos kukunin mo lang? 😥😩😢😭✌🏻✌🏻 #kunars #nurseeven ♬ original sound - Nurse Even

@lemesayeven Shuta thiz! #kunars #nurseeven ♬ News Patrol Parody - 🎅•|SaNta_BaLd|•🎅

Kidd Mallari (@kidd_millari)

Kidd's "kanal" humor is what his followers love about him. It's like he has witnessed everything we experienced in our lives, and he shows them in his videos. His re-enactments are all hilariously on-point!


mga bata be like:

♬ original sound - Likeakidd🇵🇭 - Bogart TV


si crush na malakas kumain

♬ original sound - Likeakidd🇵🇭 - Bogart TV


kapatid be like:

♬ original sound - Likeakidd🇵🇭 - Bogart TV

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