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PHOTOS: Awra Briguela, a total stunner in 18th birthday shoot

See Awra in full bloom as he officially turns 18

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog
- 3/28/2022 in Photos

Awra Briguela is stunning and blooming as he officially turned 18!

The "James and Pat and Dave" star was a sight to behold in his birthday pictorial taken by photographer Alan Segui. As seen in the photos released by Awra, he served two looks for this shoot: first, a sheer floral dress matched with luscious curls; and second, a fishnet-inspired dress paired with long, gorgeous locks — both of which were shot in a blushing floral backdrop.

We'll just let Awra's photos speak for themselves, so just swipe through the gallery above to see it all! You can also have a glimpse of how his birthday shoot came to life in a short reel posted by Studio Segui on their Instagram:



A post shared by Studio Segui (@studiosegui)


Happy birthday, Awra!

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