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WATCH: Arci Munoz fangirls over James Corden

“Papa Mochi!” Arci just lived another dream of every BTS fan!

Star Cinema Admin
Star Cinema Admin

3/28/2022 in News
WATCH: Arci Munoz fangirls over James Corden

Is Arci Munoz the ultimate fan girl? She may as well be! The actress ran into James Corden at what seems like a restaurant during dinner last Friday, March 25.

Of course, she got a selfie with him. And the “Late, Late Show” host was even kind enough to hold the camera to take the photo as Arci and her friends huddled around him. 

The “Always Be My Maybe” star then posed for another one with just her and James, then called him “Papa Mochi” afterwards. 

In return, he told her, “Pleasure. So nice to meet you.” 

“Papa Mochi” is what James is referred to by BTS member Park Jimin, as well as their legion of fans called ARMY. And Arci, being a self-proclaimed die-hard fan of the K-pop supergroup, surely can’t be blame for getting in on the inside joke.  



She shared this encounter on Instagram with photos and videos, including one of her saying that she is “Baby Mochi’s wife” in reference to her “bias” Jimin. 

Arci is currently in the U.S., where she also had the chance to meet BTS constant collaborator DJ Swivel late last year. 

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