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WATCH: Erwan Heussaff, Sassa Gurl collab for mukbang video

We're living for Sassa teaching Erwan this Filipino slang word 🤣

Patricia Matalog
Patricia Matalog

3/25/2022 in News
WATCH: Erwan Heussaff, Sassa Gurl collab for mukbang video

Food vlogger and entrepreneur Erwan Heussaff invited social media star Sassa Gurl to do a mukbang video together, trying underrated local shops and restaurants in Manila.

In Erwan's vlog uploaded on March 23, the two ordered various types of food — from pastries to savory dishes to desserts — as they did some Q&A about their career and personal lives.

Sassa, being the witty jokester that he is, cracked jokes throughout filming, even teaching Erwan some colloquial terms he hasn't heard of.

"So ‘naksh*t,' 'yan ang tawag sa mga anak-anakan ko," Sassa taught Erwan, who seemed to be at lost for words over what the social media star was saying.

Erwan also interviewed Sassa about his milestone of being the first-ever LGBT calendar model for a liquor brand.

Asked if he was aware of the impact of her calendar photos, Sassa answered, "Siguro hindi ko masyadong na-expect na ganun talaga kasabog. Kasi siyempre, 'di ba, micro influencer lang naman talaga ako.”

“Madalas sa mga bakla, hindi kinukuha for endorsement, brand [collaboration]. 'Di ba? Very rare. Ngayon daw medyo [nagbabago], although meron naman talaga ngayon. Pero sa mga ganyang masculine na brand na tinatawag nila, meron nang mga baklang puwede pumasok, LGBT lahat na, 'di ba?” he added.

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Currently, the video is now the #26 trending video on YouTube.

You can watch their full vlog here:

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